Anna - Tantra Bodywork Westchester NY

About Anna Tantra Westchester NY

My passion of holistic therapy, coaching and instruction has led me to my unparalleled success as a Healer. My clients are mostly repeat clientele…they enjoy making the journey to me, not only for my wisdom and personality, but for my personalized sessions.

My love and devotion to Healing has made me quite successful. I use only nurturing and nourishing hypoallergenic botanicals as the base for any session, and I work with nothing less than the best for my clientele.

In a session, you’ll discover a PRIVATE space where you can learn, receive from your body, as the soul shows its true wonder. Your heart, head, body and physical being surrender in a way in which pure tenderness opens into an amazing journey. We focus on the principles expressed through healing while you nurture and awaken your inner self. You may learn how to share and surrender, and experiment and learn how to receive without fear. I will teach you how to provide a heartwarming experience for others and how to receive without agenda.

I provide concrete and thorough methods for couples of all genders, women and men…always in a quiet and serene environment. My Body Work, stone therapy, crystal healing and candle lit bath are only a small infinitesimal amount of other offerings to you, as well as instruction, coaching and counseling. There are times I offer workshops…I hope you will be able to attend. Sometimes devotees contact me about group get together’s and request my presence for a small workshop or gathering of their own.

I am available for appointments in Westchester County NY. Parking is safe and keep in mind that direction’s are given once a personal questionnaire is filled out and payment is received to reserve your spot.

– Dr. Anna