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500 Red Rose Petals

Set the mood for romance with 500 Scented Rose Petals. Place the petals on the bed and/or floor to set the romantic stage. This will change an ordinary evening into an extraordinary one!

Forever Tantra LLC

Aromatherapy Candles

Dim the lights or turn them off to let the glow of the candles set the mood for a romantic evening. The candles can add ambiance to a romantic session. As the candles are set in a room, they awaken the sense of smell with a relaxing intimate fragrance of pheromones and incense that will fill the room for a pleasurable evening.

Forever Tantra LLC

3D Sleep Mask

When you eliminate the sense of sight, the sensory deprivation you experience heightens the perception of other senses, making every touch and every whisper more titillating. A blindfold really spices things up and gets both partners excited.

Forever Tantra LLC

Feather Finesser

The feather finesser is used to stimulate the sensory system, to heighten the feeling across your partner’s erogenous zones and to enhance the full body experience by increasing the blood flow to the surface of the skin. The feather finesser comes with an attachable handle to assist in reaching any part of your partner’s body from any position. The tip of the feathers are to be softly stroked across your partner’s body parts, starting at the less erogenous zones and slowly teasing their turn-on spots.

Forever Tantra LLC

The NURU Massage Gel

NURU Gel is an all-natural water-based lubricant that is safe to apply to any part of the body. The NURU Massage Gel allows for ease of movement during a full-body massage and body-to-body contact, allowing pure, sensual pleasure paired with ultimate relaxation. A hot water spray bottle will keep the NURU Gel activated.

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This spikey cylinder is rolled gently or with medium pressure all over the body to encourage the muscles to relax. It produces a heavenly, tingling sensation that instantly relaxes the whole body while stimulating the blood flow to the skin. The Forever Tantra Docupress comes with an attachable handle to help you control the pressure and speed of this tool during the sensual massage.

Forever Tantra LLC

The Tasseler

The Tasseler is a caressing tool with thin rubber tails that is used as a soft, sensual way to touch your partner. The Forever Tantra Sensual Massage Technique is to lightly brush the skin all over the body, remembering to stroke the turn-on spots for a sensual, caressing, relaxing feeling. Your mindset should be as if you are transferring passion and love through the Tasseler to excite and awaken the chakras and erogenous zones.

Forever Tantra LLC

9 Ball Massage Roller

The 9 Ball Massage Roller slips on to your hand like an open glove. It has 9 metal balls that will move freely in any direction. It is made of a flexible rubber to conform to every curve of your partner’s body. The massage rollers give a great relaxing feeling and are controlled by the speed and pressure of your hand. The massage roller can be used as a hot therapy treatment, explained in the streaming videos.

Forever Tantra LLC


1 to 4 hours of streamable music is available to set the mood with relaxing, sensual tantra music. It consists of music that is timed and mixed to guide you through the Forever Tantra Sensual Massage techniques. Each musical section will cue the person giving the massage to progress to the next step and to give their partner a different sensation, as well as when to move toward their erogenous zones to excite and stimulate him/her towards intimacy.

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How-To Video

These demonstration videos and instructional videos will lead you through a sensual journey towards intimacy. These videos will teach you how to use the tools and items in this kit to set a romantic stage as well as how to give a Forever Tantra sensual massage. The sensual massage tools will get you in the mood for a slow, pleasurable, erotic session with your partner. These videos will help you reset your state of mind to make sure that your partner feels the connection through love, romance and sensual pleasure. These streaming videos are only available with your purchase of the sensual massage kit!

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