Sensual Music

Forever Tantra LLC

Hour One

Guides you through the connecting process and the sensual massage with subtle GONG sound effects to mark your transitional points during your sensual massage. The 1st GONG signals the 2 minute mark and the second GONG signals the 3 minute mark, which will transition from connecting to the actual sensual massage. The 3rd GONG signals the beginning of the sensual massage. The 10-minute GONG markers will help you pace yourself. Take your time.

Forever Tantra LLC

Hour Two

Changes the mood and energy to mark the transition to intimacy and erotic passion. The 2nd and 3rd GONGS of Hour Two, mark the transition from sensual to sexual. Then, 10-minute GONG markers are just set as a subtle timer and reminder to take it slow and be sensual, but at the same time let go with erotic passion. Enjoy your journey.

Forever Tantra LLC

Hour Three

This hour will help you relax and reconnect mentally and spiritually. Enjoy your partner while you relax and caress each other. Connect with low volume and calm conversation. Reminisce about the sensual massage and love making session. Learn more about each other by asking and sharing what your favorite parts were and what you can do better or different next time. Have fun, be creative, and always be loving and sensual. Believe me, this is the greatest escape from the everyday world.

Forever Tantra LLC

Hour Four

This is designed as a bonus track for meditation or relaxation. Some people use it to relax and to fall asleep. Others go for round two with more intimacy and love making. Feel free to use any of these tracks for any part of your journey. Enjoy your partner and relax with our Sensual Tantra Music and Meditation sounds. This is part of the key to an intimate relationship.

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